School Visits

At the gallery we welcome visits from schools

We believe that it is important that children are introduced to positive ways of expression from an early age. And are shown the many different mediums that fall under the umbrella of art.


Let us know your learning objectives and desired outcomes early and we can work together to plan the best outcome for your school.


Primary and secondary workshops

Primary workshops start with an introductory discussion on the exhibited works, followed by a viewing  in small groups, each led by a gallery staff. Students then take part in a creative hands-on session tailored to suit the exhibition


Secondary workshops start with an interactive slide discussion, exploring key themes of the works on exhibit, followed by a lunch break. The students then return for an in-depth practical session, where they can create and discuss their own artworks. 

**The school will provide the materials needed by the children for the practical session.For junk modelling we will ask students to select specific items.  For example to make masks they will need to bring a milk bottle and newspapers and magazines.


All projects can be tailor made to suit your school's needs. We work with artists of all disciplines and work as volunteers at the gallery. .


  • Lino Cutting

  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Sculpting

  • Photography

  • Sewing & Crochet

  • Collage

  • Print making

  • Mixed media

Not all of us are born with a love or appreciation of art. And some of us are not natural artists, but we do believe art can be learnt by those willing to learn.

Please register your interest in attending the gallery for a school visit and we will respond within

24 hours.